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Legal disclaimer

The contents of this website, in the scope described above, are made available for free and serve an informational purpose only. The works presented on the website do not constitute a position of the European Commission or of any organisation of the Polish authorities. No information found on the website can be treated as legal advice. Any person interested in obtaining more detailed information concerning issues discussed on the website is asked to contact a relevant member of staff of the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU, IFTR PAS (Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Programów Badawczych Unii Europejskiej, Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki Polskiej Akademii Nauk), hereinafter referred to as the NCP. We make our best effort to provide the most up to date, true and complete information. We also strive to provide it based on credible sources. The NCP is not liable for any errors, or lack of pieces of information, or for any actions taken up based on information presented on the NCP’s website. The website provides direct links to websites hosted and updated by third parties, which are in no way controlled by the NCP.


The contents of this website are protected under copyright law. The sole owner of its contents is the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. Unauthorised use of any materials presented on this website may constitute an infringement of copyright law. No part of this website may be copied (including printed, electronic and any other copies) for any purpose, with the exception of actions in line with the Act on Copyright and Related Laws of 4th of February 1994 (Journal of Laws no 90, item 631), or for the purpose of acquisition of information about the National Contact Point, IFTR PAS. If any part of this website is used for such purpose, all copies must bear all copyright markings and other markings related to copyright that are visible on the original material.Apart from the scope described above, no information presented on this website can be disseminated, published, changed or included in any publications, on websites, or included in any other forms of electronic dissemination, without prior approval.


In order to make using of our website as comfortable as possible,  some of its websites make use of the cookies mechanism. By using our website you agree to use cookies. If your website has cookies disabled, some features of our web service may not be available to you (e.g logging in).

Electronic messages  (e-mail)

Electronic messages (e-mail) and any files attached to them are intended to be received by their addressees and may contain confidential information that is protected by law. If you have received such a message by mistake, please inform the addressee immediately and delete the original message and its copies. Any unauthorized use of such messages is prohibited. If the sender was not aware of the situation, he may not be held liable for errors or deficiencies in the message. The declarations formulated in these messages, in order to be valid, need a confirmation in writing and can be received via fax or standard mail. Moreover, the NCP can be held liable for information disseminated via email only in case it is/has been confirmed by an official letter signed by the NCP.

Supported Browsers

The website supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11*
  • Mozilla Firefox

Browsers that are not fully supported, however, so far, no issues with them have been encountered:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

In case of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP, the website is not displayed correctly (page displayed correctly) and some of its features are not available.

*If, despite the fact that you are using a recommended version of the Internet Explorer, the page is not displayed correctly, your browser is using a Compatibility View for, which needs to be switched off. To do this, please select the Tools tab and deactivate the Compatibility View (Rys_1) or click the compatibility view icon (Rys_2).  In case of Internet Explorer 11, please select Tools and then Compatibility View Settings (Rys_3), afterwards, please select „” on the list and press Delete (Rys_4).

Creating an account
  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Click the activation link given in the e-mail (sent to the e-mail address given in the form)
  3. The account has been created successfully (you will receive a confirmation e-mail). From now on you can log in to your account and register for events.

NOTE: If you had an account on our website before (for example for the 7th Framework Programme), it is no longer active. You need to create a new account because former accounts have not been transferred to the new system.


Registration for events
  1. Log in
    Go to „Konto” ( -> top right corner of the website), or click the link: Your applications – Your account
  2. Find the event you are interested in
  3. Click „Wyślij zgłoszenie / Register” at the bottom of the webpage
  4. Your entry has been sent

You can check your registration status at „Konto”.
You will also receive an e-mail notification when the status changes.

  1. Log in
    Go to „Konto” ( -> top right corner of the website) and click „Your profile
  2. Go to „Newsletter” category.
  3. Tick the „Newsletter” category.
  4. Update your profile

Ticking the „Newsletter” category means subscription for the Newsletter.

Account blocked

If you type in incorrect login or password three times, the access to your account will be blocked.
Administrators monitor the system and will contact you in case of any problems.
Contact: Phone: +48 (22) 828 -74 – 83 ext. 432

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